I Need Help. Drug Rehab, Anyone?

Although quite a burden had been lifted as soon as I realized I was bound for drug rehab at Discovery Place, I did not feel at home there until a few days had passed. Caught in the midst of my fear of people, my general disgust with life, and my jaded attitude towards twelve-steppery as a Discovery Place, TNwhole, I did as little socializing as possible. Fortunately for me, isolating myself socially at Discovery Place — the ACMD way I was used to doing at home, at least — would require something akin to sociopathy, so within the first few days of entering the 30-day residential recovery program I was comfortably in the recovery groove. Within two weeks, I was soaking it all in and taking advantage of all the experience, strength, and hope Discovery Place staff and volunteers could offer — especially those I’d come to find were virtual spiritual mystics. Having left the church many moons ago, I was also quite relieved to find tolerance of diverse religious and spiritual views.

By the time I had commenced from the 30-day program and entered the long-term recovery program at Discovery Place, I was sharing about how happy I was to have been reintroduced to recovery, even after having sworn years before that I’d never do the 12-step dance again. Today — six months clean & sober, residing in a sober living house in Dickson, and gainfully employed for the first time in years (at Discovery Place, to boot!) — I am incredibly grateful in knowing that sobriety is the best possible gift I could have received from my family & the Discovery Place staff and volunteers.

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